professional services offered

- Automotive online digital content 
- High Quality Content for web and social
- Used stock Photography as required
- Videoing and promoting stock on YouTube
- Dealership photoshoots
- Showcase videos for new car launch
- Staff Photographic & Video tuition
Professional photo and video services that will exceed your expectations and delight your clients. Capturing your car and dealership in the best possible light.

Staff on site photography tuition to 'Shoot like a pro' 
 Inventory Video Shoot Service
Each HD video covers the entire car and can show off features such as power hood, power tailgates etc. and produced with pro intros and outros. You just need to call me when you have enough cars to film, and leave the hard work to Autovids. Your videos are edited, uploaded to your YouTube channel, (don't worry, this is created for you too!) normally with 24 hours of filming.
-Add video to your used car listing to increase sales.
-SEO benefits
Video is a key part of the sales process for many ‘Best in Class Dealers’.  Let's make it yours!
An example of an HD video shot for Bartletts SEAT. During a regular shoot we can Video between 10 and 15 cars during a typical visit which normally takes around 90 minutes.
 Inventory photo Shoot Service
As with all things in retail, the devil is in the detail. I make it my mission to make used car photography as near to brochure imagery as possible. I shoot with Sony Alpha DSLR series body using top of the range Sony GM lenses. 
I use Adobe LR to process the images. Normally I would shoot over 30 images of each car in a set format during a 'Used Car Inventory Shoot' The photos are then processed and shared to a folder for you to upload to your website, or this could be done for you. 
showcase video 
New Vauxhall Astra
Showcasing your new models with a polished video is a great way to get traffic to your website and social media pages.  At Autovids we can create professionally shot and edited videos which are optimised for views and high quality footage. 
The shoot normally takes around half a day and is then edited and uploaded as soon as possible to get the best and earliest possible outcome in terms of views on your various social platforms.
Give me a call to discuss your requirements.
About me

I am a Sussex-based automotive photographer and video content maker working in the retail and private sector as well as with online classic car auction houses.
My photography encompasses both the new and used car sector. I particularly enjoy working on bespoke new car launch packages for retail clients. 
My career has included senior roles within the automotive retail sector. During the mid '90s I founded one of the UK's first digital automotive retail platforms, Spidersnet. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
This experience has enabled me to offer a truly unique perspective to my clients. I’ve now been photographing and filming cars in a professional context for over twenty-five years. 
Having Goodwood nearby, I’m lucky that my work also includes capturing events such as Members Meetings, Revival and Festival of Speed.
Learning the fundamentals of photography in my home-dark room and at the side of race circuits as a teenager has brought me to where I am today.  I’ve always been an early adopter of new technology. I bring with me creative ideas, industry know-how and an eye for detail for my clients.
Please ask about photo video projects you need shooting.
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